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I am currently (Summer 2019) developing a national strategy for Health Education England in Transversal (cross-cutting) Skills for person centred care. https://healtheducationyh.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/a-national-strategy-for-transversal-skills-for-person-cent-2

Since 2014 I have worked for Skills for Health and Health Education England on research and actions to improve career progression for the healthcare support workforce into nursing, midwifery and other professions in healthcare.

There are over a million people working in ‘healthcare support’ in the NHS in England, and many of them are experienced, capable and motivated to go further in their careers and in doing so help to address the growing crisis in nursing and other professional staff shortages in England.  There are however obstacles in their way: educational, cultural, institutional and financial barriers that have to be broken down.